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    Wire Wrapped Clear Quartz Pendant

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    Benefits of Clear Quartz:

    • Versatility: Clear Quartz is known as the “master healer” and can be used for virtually any purpose, making it a must have for crystal lovers.
    •  Improves Your Clarity: Clear Quartz eliminates energy blockages and allows energy to flow smoothly throughout your body and mind.
    •  Manifests Your Intentions: Clear Quartz is also known as the “power stone” for its ability to amplify any energy or intention you set.

     Note: We use real clear quartz so each piece will be unique.

    30 Day Money Back Guarantee: If you're not satisfied for any reason we will refund your order guaranteed

    100% Traceable: Tracking number for every order.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Reach out to us via our email support team.

    Our headquarters is in Los Angeles!

    Nope, not one bit. Our prices are based on high quality materials, original designs, + being able to support local workers. All that while being barely 5-10% more than the people who rip us off.

    Tell us... who would you rather shop with? 🤣

    Well hey, that's an extremely rare case scenario but if you really don't you can return them no questions asked! We have a 30-day money back guarantee.


    We work with natural quartz stones sourced directly from crystal miners we personally know and trust.

    All of our chains are nickel free and allergy free!

    Real Crystals

    100% Authentic

    Cruelty Free

    Ethically Made

    Safe Ordering

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